Unity in Diversity!

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Living away from motherland is a mixed feeling
you can pretend to be happy, but within, you are missing .. 
The fragrance of the soil, The wind caressing you 
your childhood days, your first home and your loved ones too ..
Friends in the foreign land ..unknowingly become your family 
to sing the same song as you..And dance to its melody 
To be together and share these wonderful feelings, we have many cultural groups here in Denmark. They belong to different states like Maharashtra Mandal Denmark, Denmark Kannada Koota, Gujrathis in Denmark, Punjabi Association, Denmark Telugu Association are some among other regional groups. We all have a great intention to come together for celebrating the different festivals of India, promoting the important value of ‘Language(mother tongue)’ among the next younger generation, knowledge sharing, networking etc.  We all tend to get cosy within the group and networking outside the group becomes difficult.  
Our homeland ‘India’ has a unique value to impart and that is ‘Unity in Diversity’! I used to always wonder why we fall short to imbibe this essential value..? In India, though we have different states, we are integrated since we have neighbours from the diverse regions of the country (especially in the metros) , which is not the case here  in Denmark. We have Danish neighbours and we try our utmost best to get along with them. 
In the same regard, I highly appreciate the initiative from our Mr. & Mrs. Ambassador(Mr & Mrs. Shahare)!  Along with their team from the Indian Embassy, they  took a great lead for the celebration of the 69th Independence Day of India. Their wish was to depict the different regional dances on the occasion of our Independence Day.. Usually a reception is hosted every year on this occasion. This time it was real celebration. They encouraged the regional groups for different dance performances. Dancing, be it Classical / Regional / Bollywood, resides in the heart of every Indian. One of the obvious reasons being the different festivals and dances associated with them. To top it up with more glamour and vibrance is the Bollywood industry. It was just a matter of opportunity and all the super talented groups came in action.  Mr. & Mrs. Ambassador were kind to arrange practice sessions at their very own residence, tea and refreshments were served and all the groups were encouraged to practice.  Performances from varied regions, Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab were choreographed. The special thing about these perfomances were that they had mixed dancers! None of them were from Rajasthan in the Rajasthani group. Govan dance was done by a mixed group from Maharashtra and Karnataka. Likewise Punjabi dance had a mixed crowd too. Having said that, the idea was garnished by a combined performance by all the groups . ‘Ma tujhe salam’ .. a wonderful composition by A.R. Rehman!!  With all the diverse energies.. togetherness.. ideas, a unique medley of regional dance performances was woven up. This is where we touched our important value of Unity in Diversity. It turned out to be a popular, appreciated and a much cherished memory in our hearts.

A success story taking all of us to a new platform, a great sense of achievement and with energy and satisfaction of having done something different and fruitful for a very special occasion away from home..

Thanks to all the choreographers who made us dance to their tunes, all the dancers who managed to find time having a good work-life balance. Last but not the least,  Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador and the team from Indian Embassy Copenhagen  for dreaming this wonderful day for us.


We Indians have come a long way...

we overcame challenges, we learnt new languages,
we found something for our living, and strive hard for each others well-being 

We Indians have a long way to go..

we will  make sure our roots are kept stronger! we shall sow the seeds of our diverse culture..
we will strive to make ourselves proud, with a promise to stand united in the crowd!
Gauri Kotwal-Pande

Yes Saachi, It was a big lie :)

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Saachi before going to bed yesterday ..


Saachi :Man må ikke lyver i børnehaven.. You are not allowed to lie in our daycare

Mor : Yes, Saachi .. that is right!

Saachi : Mads was lying  in the daycare .. You know what we are not allowed to lie in the daycare .. and he still was lying..

Mor : Why ? What happened Saachi.. why do you say that .. ?

Saachi : He lied that he is not my kæreste (boyfriend)

Mor : Oh! That was a big lie, Saachi!  





Alt for Damerne fun 2016

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This year it was the vibrant red,  

The sun was shinning bright, our target ahead 

Inspiration was no lesser than the last time we ran ..

‘Alt For Damerene – Run’.. looked like a neverending caravan


It felt like a sports celebrity to have taken a picture like this..


Break up – Patch up

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Day one : evening ~ 19:30 😭
A tiny breakup
It sounded to me like an usual cry from the bathroom ..It was Saachi and Nikhil with the shower, brushing teeth, changing to night clothes activities.
This has happened earlier, not once but several times accompanied with a loud & irritating cry from the bathroom
When it is Saachi crying, she uses the highest pitch which directly hits your head! I avoided rushing to the bathroom..I did not want to spoil my mood and lose temper.
I let her cry without paying much attention, moreover she was with her best friend daddy 🙂
Usually Nikhil would sit in the bathroom holding his head when such an incident happens. When I saw him once in that situation, I couldn’t stop laughing. He was sadly sitting on the stool holding his head while Saachi was engrossed in her high pitched cry! I need a break he said that time! I am going to stop putting you to shower and brushing your teeth Saachi and left the bathroom. Such a reaction normally becomes problematic as I have to put all my kitchen work aside and convince the father-daughter duo to continue with the daily chores!!
This time the problem was something different ..
Nikhil came out .. He was mildly stressed which was still under control. I usually don’t like  2 out of 4 getting stressed in the family 😉
Calmly, I asked him..  What is the problem?
He said, Saachi is crying because she wants to be ‘kæreste’ (girl friend) with Jakob!
What is the concern then? Its OK, why is she crying for that. (I thought in my mind, I am sure Nikhil being the ‘daddy heart’ must have opposed her – how cruel of him I thought in my mind)
Saachi says “But Nellie is ‘kæreste’ (girl friend) with Jakob!” and that is the reason for her cry.. exclaimed Nikhil
Oh no, my heart melted for my poor Saachi(age 3.9), who had her first breakup .. she had lost her boyfriend to her best friend Nellie..and that was a news for me. I knew that Mads was Saachi’s boyfriend in their tiny daycare world. Now I had to rush to the bathroom to soothe my little angel ..I held her tightly in my arms and avoided looking at her, not to show her my uncontrollable laughter  ( now that was so evil of ‘mummy heart’ !! )
Day 2 : evening ~17:00 😘
Patch up!!
Just to check if everything was okay, I asked Saachi while returning home from the daycare, ‘Is everything ok Saachi. What happened to the ‘kæreste’ problem.. ? ‘
Mummy, today I kissed Mads on his lips. (For my daughters, marriage / kæreste  means kissing on the lips)
I tried hard to ask her about who wanted to do it first .. and why did they want to do it in the first place..!!
I also told her that she should not do it – giving her reasons that never convinced her of why shouldn’t she be doing it.
After a very hard try of asking the same question in multiple ways..The only answer that I got which did not convince me at all was.. 😉
They both just wanted to do it!! 
Saachi & Mads are kæreste again!! I was happy that there was no triangle, which is the most complicated to solve.
Kids and their fantasies …

My affair with Cycling

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I like the idea of combining cycling with the daily commutation. I believe it is the best way to accommodate physical activity in your daily routine. I like this facility provided by the ‘S’ trains here is Denmark where you can take the cycle inside the cycle compartment. There is room for around 10-12 cycles. At times it is really very crowded and people don’t care for other’s cycles but at uncrowded times it is usually manageable . I take my cycle along with me everyday. The station is around 2.6 kilometers from where we live. Srushti is usually with me on the bike. I drop Saachi before I take Srushti to the train station while Srushti patiently awaits me at the corridor of our building. We usually recite some poems or sing songs while biking. I also try to remind Srushti about the importance of drinking water, eating healthy food and so on…


Here is a video from our experience : 




I remember I started cycling as a child at around age of 6-8. Of course, I remember, I had a red tricycle as a toddler earlier. My first cycle was a ‘BSA SLR’ with 2 side wheels to support. Sometimes my uncle .. and sometimes my dad used to teach me cycling. It was then my best asset. I also met with a couple of accidents while riding that. I used to love to ride very fast. I remember, once I was biking down a crowded road which had a slope. My brakes were not functioning then and I bumped into 3 ladies having gala time chatting while walking with their groceries in between the road. They got really pissed off by me. I couldn’t help much .. I just continued down the slope.

Once while biking very fast to my teacher’s house for some guidance, I had a bag with a book and my precious pouch full of my ink pens, pencils and all the other writing accessories. I lost that bag, it fell off without me even realizing it. I biked on the same route several times but was unlucky not to find my precious stuff.  

Once I injured my front teeth which I bumped on the handle of my bicycle. I still have that part of my front tooth broken!

So.. those were a couple of stories I remember from my childhood related to cycling .. 

I am sure everyone has some memory and affection towards their own cycling stage.. and the very first cycle and the challenges in learning to ride it..




Srushti’s 5th birthday events

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Srushti was very eager to celebrate her 5th birthday with her school friends. Being a summer baby her birthday falls in the vacation period. We decided to celebrate her birthday already on the 20th June at the Copenhagen Zoo. She had her handmade invitation cards ready very much ahead of time and they were successfully distributed amongst her friends. Celebrating the birthday at ZOO was rather an adventurous decision. 15 kids getting wild at the zoo was not at all easy to handle. The idea was to have a treasure hunt. There were 10 questions about the animals which were supposed to be solved. We made 2 teams. One was led by Nikhil and one by me. Nikhil already at the beginning gave up as he had guessed that it was going to get out of control. Our team still got a little further. There were some really kind parents who stayed with us. We had a long tour of the zoo and took a break in between for the pop corn, juice and to visit the call of nature. We took a sigh of relief only when all the kids were delivered to their parents. It was a challenging experience. Of course with the mantra that you learn as you experience. The smiling faces of all the kids gave us peace and satisfaction.

Here is a picture :

The most awaited 11th July also arrived. The birthday celebration was already accomplished so we decided to have a twist on 11th. Nikhil made ‘pohe’ and ‘shira’ for breakfast. After having the delicious breakfast, we planned Copenhagen sight seeing with Sulbha kaku and Sanjeev kaka and decided to keep it as a family event. We started our day with a little practical hassle and half of us took the bus to the city center. The rest were supposed to be arriving by the car. We walked down Strøget – walking street of Copenhagen – The longest in Scandinavia. It was rejuvenating to see so many people in wonderful summer clothes. All of us were excited. We walked from the city center and took a break for the birthday cake and the birthday song. We chose ‘La Glace’ for the cake and decided to have different cakes.

A mini video of the experience :


Later we decided to buy some goodies for Srushti, Saachi and Reyansh. We also did some shopping for ourselves. Shopping for me is always fun. Srushti and Saachi enjoyed the experience too. We had ‘Joe and the Juice’ sandwich for Lunch and took a mini break to relax and charge up for the rest of the day. We walked to Nyhavn and decided to take a water taxi ride. It was a relaxing water taxi ride.

Srushti’s birthday gift was a bicycle – a pedal one which to everyone’s surprise took her no time to ride it herself. After the tiring day she decided to ride the bicycle – it was fun. She had a lot of energy all through the day and until she went to sleep.



@ 5 Srushti

– knows to ride a pedal bike
– all the alphabets and sounds
– she writes really well and she can also read small words while figuring out the different sounds of ‘English’
– she can do small mathematical calculations addition and subtraction for single digit numbers
– her drawings are mostly about her family and friends with lot of butterflies and flowers
– she enjoys singing and dancing
– she enjoys taking selfies

but the interest that takes over all the rest is watching television endlessly ..

she loves ‘Jalebi’, ‘Kaju katli’ and all kinds of sweet things .. Jaggery is her favorite too. She loves roti with clarified butter (ghee) and jaggery and it is her all time favorite!! 



The magical chocolate croissant

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Friday morning chocolate croissant works like magic ..

No lazing in the bed
No crying while brushing teeth
No troubling little sister
No cribbing about fancy clothes

Seems like no challenges at all ..
Anything for that chocolate croissant from 7-11 🙂

Your sweet tooth my little one ..
I wish that it was a carrot/apple/Rye bread instead of the croissant
Then I could fulfill your desire everyday!

A Question returns!

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Not everyday is same, each has a different lesson to share
A question that makes you think .. A question that makes you aware
The learning phase is all throughout your life!

Have been taking the bus since a couple days to drop Srushti rather than the cycle & train. For those who don’t know, here is Cph, train has a cycle compartment. The idea is that you could cycle to the nearest station and then take the cycle in the train. It is a nice facility to have however sometimes it gets too full to survive with all the stuff you have with you. And Srushti will prefer to fall but not sit without me in her vicinity.

A much needed break from all this, took me the tortoise way to reach the school. The first day, yesterday, I felt the bus wasn’t moving at all. The second time, today I thought that going by bus is actually giving me a lot of precious time with Srushti. Sitting in the window, watching the world outside is fun.. Srushti’s little cycle goes in the bus..and we chat our hearts out. The bus on the other hand isn’t too crowded.

I reach office a little late – which is ok and to my surprise not a very big difference.. as Srushti is on her cycle and I am running behind her .. “Mummy, You have to be really quick and hurry up”.. The way I say to her when she cycles behind 🙂

Whenever a car gives us way while cycling.. I raise my hand with a gesture of thankfulness.. Srushti has asked me several times about why I raise my hand..   and I have explained her many times the reason why! She never raises her hand though – may be she isn’t convinced or may be it is too much work for her to cycle and wave..

Today the ball came in my court unexpectedly ..

There was a car coming and she was on the road.. The car had to get way because Srushti was on the wrong side..
I asked her to come back on the walking path.. and she did that..

“Mummy .. !!” she cried.. “but he should wave his hand to me as I gave him way” .. “Why didn’t he do that?? That’s not fair” 

And I understood why she wasn’t convinced! 

Smart kids!


Spirit of womanhood – ‘All for women’/’Alt for Damerne’ run

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for some it was celebration for spirit of womanhood 

for some it was the inspiration from motherhood

for some it was fresh air for health 

for some it was the matter of strength

for some it was the tradition 

for some.. the location 

for me it was .. friendship and fun 

Credits to the ‘All for women’/ ‘Alt for damerne’ run

This day will be marked as success in our lives ..

None of us could hold back from getting motivated 

to run even better and faster ..

Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with all my dear friends 🙂 

Desperately awaiting the teeth falling phase

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All the way back home from school Srushti kept silent about the wound she had on the front tooth..

Until the moment I noticed it ..

I asked : What happened to your tooth Srushti?

Still silent she realised that she could share it with me – could be her background thoughts.
I was scared to see the little wound and minute blood. I was very curious until I knew the real reason and it was :

Mummy, I bumped my tooth into this thing (I don’t remember what) because I want my tooth broken. All my friends have started loosing their teeth. No it does not hurt at all.. Mummy

Taking a sigh, I tried to explain her : Srushti, your teeth fall naturally. You do not have to take any effort to make them fall. It does not mean that your take a hammer and bang on your teeth. Please don’t do it again!  

No, but mummy it does not hurt – and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Huh! Kids 🙂